RTK Real Time Corrections

  • Short Duration
  • Premium service
  • National coverage
  • Full GNSS
  • Centimetric

5 hour package

Package valid for 1 month from the chosen activation date

This is a volume of hours for access to NRTK Full GNSS network corrections with repeatable centimetric accuracy GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou.

95,00  Excl.


* Allow 48 hours for activation of the service by our team

ATTENTION: Please check the information provided before validating. Once created, a licence is not modifiable and not refundable.

The temporary on-demand RTK licence is valid from the Start Date you specify at 00:00 until midnight of the last day of the total duration selected above.

You will receive your temporary licence information at the address you have provided.


5 hour RTK package to be used over 1 month

Do you need RTK correction services in France for a few hours?

In order to provide offers that are perfectly adapted to the needs of users, we have designed several one-off subscription formulas. Our commercial offer is very clear and flexible.

We offer you the possibility of subscribing to an hourly package to be used over a period of one month to meet your very short assignments in France. These hourly packages provide access to the RTK real-time correction services of the Full GNSS network.

It is thus possible to choose the period according to your real needs and to benefit from adjusted rates.

Ideal when you know an assignment is coming up and you want to make sure everything is ready on the day.


Temporary RTK On Demand subscriptions entitle the subscriber to a single access to “real time” correction services for a total of 5 hours to be used over one month from the start date mentioned and confirmed on the order.

  • Coverage: National Metropolitan France and Antilles (Martinique and Guadeloupe)
  • Constellations: Full GNSS, GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
  • RTCM correction flow: VRS or i-Max
  • Volume: 5 hours counted by the second (cycle)
  • Accuracy: centimetric
  • Number of simultaneous connections: one
  • Duration: volume of time to be used over 1 month


If you wish to purchase one or more products listed on the Website, you must select the product you wish to purchase and then indicate the options of day or month duration, quantity and desired start date to add it to your basket.

Please note the desired start date:
The service is activated by our technical team during our office hours with a 48 hour delay, so please allow extra time for weekends and public holidays.


The temporary on-demand RTK licence is valid from the Start Date you indicated at 00:00 until midnight of the last day of the total duration of one month up to the number of hours of use defined and will end at the first of the two terms reached.

The connection time is counted by the second or the number of cycles delivered (i.e. for a volume of 5 hours a total of 18,000 cycles).
Connection set-up times are not counted.

Add to bag

When you have selected the service you wish to purchase, you can confirm the contents of your basket and place the order.

At this point, you will be redirected to a page summarising the details of the products you have selected, their price and duration. You must click on this button to order and place your order.


After placing your order and validating your payment, we send you a confirmation message containing the connection parameters suggested by our technical services, i.e. your connection identifier and your password as well as the NTRIP parameters (DNS or IP address of our server, the port as well as a suggested mounting point).

The password and login for the on-demand RTK correction services will be different from those used to identify you on the merchant site.

Once you have been provided with your username and password, the service will be available for use in accordance with the terms of the offer you have subscribed to from the Start Date you have indicated at 00:00 until midnight of the last day of the total duration of one month.

Renewal or modification of the service

The temporary RTK hourly licence is a single-use, non-modifiable, non-renewable and non-refundable service.

All our offers

RTK on demand

Real-time corrections

dayly or monthly

These premium RTK services provide access to unlimited real-time GPS corrections, full GNSS NRTK network corrections with repeatable GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou centimetre accuracy.


45,00 € HT

RTK 5 hour package

Post-processing corrections

This is a volume of hours (epochs) for access to data from the network of Full GNSS Permanent Stations with centimetre accuracy (GPS + Glonass + Galileo + BeiDou).

95,00  Excl.